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the cat’s whiskers when it comes to enter-taining us.

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For evidence that practice does make for Purr-fection check out Nora the amazing piano playing cat. You’ll just love her and want her as a pupil if not a pet. She’s

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Practice notebooks overview

- for pupils and parents

Parents have an important role to play if the child is to be actively encouraged in their musical development.  

My child won’t practise! is a little booklet a teacher can give to parents - ideal for that very first meeting when expectations and terms are discussed - which gives a basic introduction to musical notation, suggestions on how best to structure home practice for the maximum   benefit, ideas to stimulate and encourage their child’s   learning and a guide to music listening.

As any teacher or instructor will know there’s no progress if there’s no practice and it’s very disheartening to see a pupil not attain their full potential. The old adage ‘Practice makes perfect’ is true irrespective of the age of the pupil, the instrument being learnt and the level they’re at. Not only is lack of progress disheartening for the teacher but it also destroys any enthusiasm the pupil had for the instrument and for the parents it’s frustrating and a waste of their money and time.

A child’s progress is more assured if the learning process is a three way partnership:- teacher, pupil and parent, with the pupil in the middle.

Our Weekly Practice notebook allow for a structured and guided approach to regular practice. It’s in the regularity of practice against agreed objectives that gives a pupil direction and encouragement to persevere.

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