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Practice books

Practice is essential if progress is going to be made – a little often is better than a lot infrequently. However, children are not always so keen to do regular practice and it becomes a chore for them, a source of frustration for their parents, who are no doubt paying good money for their child’s tuition, and an annoyance for the teacher who can’t progress the child’s learning.

Sounds Write publish two books which aim to involve pupil, parent and teacher in daily practising: Weekly Practice Notebook and My child won’t practise! If these books are used when practising and the tips in them followed there will be noticeable improvement, which will be an encouragement to ALL.

Communication must take place between all three parties. The Practice notebooks provide an ideal way for the teacher/parent link and for the teacher/pupil link away from the weekly lesson.

But what of the parent/child link, especially if the parent possesses little or no knowledge of music or doesn’t know how best to encourage their child? My child won’t practise! gives a basic introduction to musical notation, suggestions on how best to structure home practice for the maximum benefit, ideas to stimulate and encourage their child’s learning and a guide to music listening.

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