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Selling and Marketing

So we promise not to deluge you with marketing bumf full of sales blurb!, nor will we pester you over the phone or by email or indeed any other vehicle of mass communications. If you want to find us after our initial mailing, which you’ve subsequently disposed of (by returning it to us or by a local recycling scheme we trust) or lost you’ll have to seek us out via the World Wide Web. Search for ‘Sounds Write’ and ‘music theory’.

We adhere to the principles and practices of the Direct Marketing Agency (DMA) although we are not a member of that organisation.

We hate being the recipients of unsolicited blanket mailings, spam and repeat telemarketing intrusions and so we simply will not succumb to such activities. If you have received a mailing (snail mail or email) from us you can be sure it will be the first and last. We take the view that we’ve introduced ourselves and our range of books and we make it risk free for you to try them (see our Returns Policy). If you like them you’ll be back for more and if you don’t, then, disappointing as it may be for us, we can but continue to make the books available should you change your mind tomorrow.

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Marketing and Selling

We are of the opinion that a recommendation from a friend or associates is by far the best way of building a successful business. Therefore, if you’re a user of our books or know of someone who might be interested in them, we invite you to print the following prepared letter and send it to them. Note, there are two versions, one with and the other without the paragraph in red.

To print the letter alongside simply click on one of the images below. You will need Adobe® Reader® though. This can be downloaded freely from the Adobe web site.



Cartoon image of man being swamped by marketing and sales bumf - not our practice. Cartoon of man pushing a shopping trolley with link to our e-shop. Clicking here will return you to the page you came from. Clicking here will return you to the page you came from.



the paragraph in red.

Lttr of recommendation WITHOUT the red para.pdf



the paragraph in red text.

Lttr of recommendation with RED para.pdf