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Minimum order quantity

Cartoon of a box depicting our willingness to receive large orders. Our largest to date being ## books.

Quick turn around promise

We will process and dispatch your order the day it’s received or, if this is not possible, the next working day. There may be times however when this cannot be achieved, in which case we will offer recompense by way of a discount. If the delay is going to be protracted we will advise you of the difficulties and give you the opportunity to either cancel your order or to continue with us; hence the request for your phone number.

Cartoon of running man depicting our commitment to processing orders quickly.

Speedy delivery

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We pride our service commitment and until the price hike in April 2013 by the Royal Mail (RM) we dispatched all orders by First Class Mail. However, as you no doubt know, RM made major changes to the way they priced packages and along with that change they seriously increased their prices for small to medium parcels. For this reason we now offer you the choice of both first and second class delivery. However, it should also be known that the RM have weight and dimension limits on the size of letters and parcels they are able to handle and packages that exceed their limits are charged totally un competitively. For this reason should your order exceed RM’s zone of sensible handling/pricing we reserve the right to either send your order by an alternative carrier or send your order in multiple packages.

Small overseas orders will continue to be sent by Airmail but larger ones will be sent with an alternative carrier. The following chart gives the delivery times as advised by Royal mail. Bracketed comments are ours.



Next day (allow up to 2 working days).


Within 2 to 3 working days (allow for 3 to 4).



3 to 5 working days.



5 to 7 working days.

Cartoon of delivery van depicting our aim for a swift turn around of orders. Cartoon of an envelope depicting our willingness to receive small orders; the smallest being just one book. Cartoon of man pushing a shopping trolley with link to our e-shop. Clicking here will return you to the page you came from.

We do not insist on a minimum order quantity, so we’ll be as happy supplying just one or two books as a hundred or more. Irrespective of the size of your order you’ll still receive the same level of service from us. However, a large order may just take a little longer to process than a small one.



Clicking here will return you to the page you came from.